dj EEEL aka Mr McBeastly

Finally found this record I heard playing in the store a couple years ago. A little crusty but it will do.

dj EEEL aka XERB
Cry Cry Cry

don’t cry my beat friends

dj EEEL record room March 2014

dj EEEL aka Nervous Pervis
The King

Nothing to say just let it play

dj EEEL aka Musty Roads
The Funky Whine

My friend found this ill sample for me. A little west coast flavor. If you read this Snoop feel free to jump on this beat.

dj EEEL aka Beatlonius Funk
Indian Summer

Going to see Madlib dj tonight. This sample was inspired by a Madlib track, been wanting to loop this up.

dj EEEL aka Drumpelstiltskinz

Saving some old musty records from the back of the thrift store bins.

dj EEEL aka Chop Shop
Tell Me

Soul Sunday

dj EEEL aka Hambone
Avery, Avery

Flipped this classic sample, one of my all time favorite songs. It felt like the right time.

dj EEEL aka Johnny Johnny 2x4
Fattin Up

It has been a good week.

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