dj EEEL aka Clamdigga
Off The Wall

New beat beat beat for ya ears!

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dj EEEL aka the Cowabunga Kid

A new beat for ya long weekend.

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dj EEEL aka Baron Wavis
Line After Line

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-eat o’ the day! 

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dj EEEL aka Wavis Beacon

switchin up styles for a min

The beginning of this vid is the first thing my son played on his new tiny piano. Sounded familiar so we chopped it up to create our own version of a classic beat.

dj EEEL aka Selectman
Magnifcent Beat

need a beat for your day? I got you

dj EEEL aka Chopalong Pete
Do What's Right

Happy Friday my beautiful people!

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dj EEEL aka the Crate Bambino

I been having this sample for a long long time but I forgot where from

Rare footage of my rap group Knucklehead Heroz rocking Tracy Hall in Norwich. Probably the best rap group of all time. That’s me in the back with the beats.

Checked out Don’t Think Twice Records in Lafayette Indiana. Didn’t find too much in the LPs that I was interested in but got a stack of 45s. 59 cents for any 45 is a Tremont steal!